Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice

This consultation contains proposals to reshape the higher education landscape to have students at its heart. Its core aims are to raise teaching standards, provide greater focus on graduate employability, widen participation in higher education, and open up the sector to new high-quality entrants.

This document sets out proposals for how the Government’s manifesto commitment to introduce a Teaching Excellence Framework will deliver better value for money for students, employers and taxpayers.

It also sets out plans to drive social mobility by further increasing higher education participation by those from disadvantaged and under-represented groups.

This consultation proposes a new single gateway for entry to the sector, which would create a common system for all providers.
It sets out proposed new architecture for the higher education system, to reflect the way higher education is now funded by students, and to reduce the regulatory burden on the sector. Finally, this consultation considers the potential implications of these changes for the research landscape.

This consultation is relevant to those with an interest in Higher Education, including statutory and quasi-statutory bodies, higher education providers, students and employers.

Higher education is a devolved matter in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so most of the proposals in this Command Paper are applicable to England only. However, the funding delivered through the Research Councils and some broader elements of research policy are reserved matters, so the proposals in Part D have UK-wide  applicability.