Transforming assessment in higher education

A marked improvement. Transforming assessment in higher education. The Higher Eduction Academy, 2012.

The structure of the publication

Section 1 The rationale and groundwork for transforming assessment

1.1 Introduction: This sets the current context in higher education.

1.2 A case for change: This outlines the wide-ranging economic, educational and reputational benefits of transforming assessment.

1.3 Preparing to change assessment: This provides the considerations that institutions will need to address to support and manage a successful transformation to a different model of assessment.

1.4 Conclusion: This emphasises that transforming assessment will entail changes related to assessment design, students, staff and infrastructure.

Section 2: Assessment standards: a Manifesto for Change
This section ‘unpacks’ the tenets of the Manifesto, providing an explanation of each and an evidence-informed rationale that underpins the proposed changes.

Section 3: Assessment review tool.
This tool is for higher education institutions to benchmark the quality of existing assessment practices and consider how they might make relevant changes. It is organised in two parts, with stimulus questions for:
• senior managers, such as deputy and pro-vice-chancellors and vice principals;
• a working ‘review team’ involving a dean, or head of department, curriculum leaders, course or programme leaders, educational developers, lecturers and students.

Section 4: An annotated selection of resources
This provides the evidence base for the rationale for change and the associated review tool, along with further resources for staff, which can be used to support changes to policy and practice.