Learning spaces, some good practices

Professor Colin Bryson have collected all kind of articles , reports  and good-practices about Learning spaces. He has send his report to the members of  the RAISE- network http://www.raise-network.com/home/  (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement). Below you can find the text 'Designing spaces for learning and student engagement – Summary'

Some interesting results:

  1. James Cook University (Australia) have prepared Learning Spaces Snapshots. They describe  Snapshots as ‘The SNAPSHOTS demonstrate how individual learning spaces and technology at JCU can be used effectively to support a range of different pedagogies, teaching strategies and student learning approaches’. .
  2. The Learning landscape project from the Middlesex University. Below, you can find the text. 
  3. Learning and teaching Building from the Monash university.
  4. The Digital Classroom - Get Started from the university of Kent.

See also,

Most articles give only the description of the design of a practical situation. 


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