Qualities necessary in a nominal program

If the pace of study of the students equals the regular study program this is called nominal study. An important criterium is that the students benefit from the teaching and learning activities offered.
When you want the students to study the program nominally you have to consider certain quality criteria:

  1. Social and academic integration have a stimulating place in the curriculum.
  2. There are a sufficient number of possibilities for personal development for the students.
  3. The study choice and the transition from secondary to higher education is well supported before the first year and during the first year courses.
  4. The curriculum activities for the teachers and the supporting staff are practically feasible.
  5. The program has to be  do-able, there should be no unnecessary obstacles. The study time is used for useful and valued learning activities.
  6. The program is coherent and well described.
  7. The summative tests are aligned with the aims of the program and the applied educational methods.
  8. .The documents for intern and external quality assurance are well tuned with the curriculum documents.

And optional:

  1. The curriculum is sustainable: it can be expected to remain successful in the near future.
  2. The curriculum is scalable: it can be successfully used for small and large groups